Nordisk Film 2025 Strategy Launch

Broadcast January 19th at 13.00 -15.00

At our next Summit we will launch Nordisk Film's 2025 Strategy.

In the beginning of January Egmont shared their ambitious roadmap towards 2025, and in continuation of this we would like to go deeper into our strategy and financial outlook.

We have bold and ambitious plans when it comes to all our businesses. On Wednesday 19th we will present our growth ambitions and how we plan to win in structural changes. We will give a perspective on how we will go greener, how we will further commit to give back to society, and how we plan to stay as an attractive employer.

After our presentation you are invited for a Q&A facilitated by Jesper Eising. We encourage you to ask questions during the broadcast.

For your information this broadcast is only for Summit group members and the link may not be shared. On January 28th we will share our strategy with the rest of employees in Nordisk Film.

Best regards,

Allan, Thomas, Lotte & Christopher